Game Logs

Logs of RoboCup Small Size games are provided here for research purposes. The data includes the packets sent by SSL-Vision as well as the Referee Box.

More information and software for recording and playback of the game logs can be found on github:
Github SSL-Logtools

Binary Log File Format

Log files are stored in the following binary format:

Each log file starts with the following header:

1: String - File type ("SSL_LOG_FILE")
2: Int32  - Log file format version

Format version 1 encodes the protobuf messages in the following format:

1: Int64  - Receiver timestamp in ns
2: Int32  - Message type
3: Int32  - Size of binary protobuf message
4: String - Binary protobuf message

The message types are:

MESSAGE_BLANK           = 0 (ignore message)
MESSAGE_UNKNOWN         = 1 (try to guess message type by parsing the data)

Graphical Log Viewer

A graphical Log Viewer based on this log format has also been contributed by the community. It can be found on github:

A demo version runs at

Available Log Files

RoboCup 2013 (Eindhoven, Netherlands)