The referee box is part of the small size league’s goal of zero human input from competing teams during a game. The referee box is a simple program that lets a neutral third-party operator (a member of the officiating crew, not one of the playing teams) send the orders spoken by the referee directly to the teams’ software over a network, eliminating the need for teams to touch their computers to input those orders. In addition to simply sending commands, the referee box also acts as a helper utility for the referee by tracking time on the game clock, timeouts available to teams, goals scored, and yellow and red cards.

For information on using the referee box, see the manual. If you’re a team member writing code that receives orders from the referee box, you’ll need to know about the protocol. There are some frequently asked questions about referee box commands and general gameplay, and of course you can download the referee box to use locally in your lab.

If you need any more help with the referee box, please e-mail the Smallsize mailing list.