This is the list of ETDPs submitted by the 2012 top teams

Team Country ETDP
Skuba Thailand Link
ZJUNLict China Link
KIKS Japan Link
Parsian Iran Link
Immortals Iran Link
MRL Iran Link
RoboDragons Japan Link
RoboFEI Brazil

RoboCup 2013 Small Size League Teams

Team Country Contact Email TDP Video Status
Immortals Iran Ali Salehi nysalehi[at] Link Rcvd Qualified
KIKS Japan Toko Sugiura sugi[at] Link Rcvd Qualified
RoboFEI Brazil Vitor Hugo Beck toorugoo[at] Link Rcvd Qualified
Warthog Robotics Brazil Rafael Lang warthog[at] Not Qualified
Skuba Thailand Ratthapoom Thanomyart[at] Link Rcvd Qualified
RFC Cambridge USA Lisa Liu liulisa[at] Link Rcvd Qualified
STOx's Colombia Saith Rodriguez saithrodriguez[at] Link Rcvd Qualified
RoboDragons Japan Kotaro Yasui im121007[at] Link Rcvd Qualified
Cyrus Iran Javad Amiryan amiryan.j[at] Link Rcvd Qualified
ZJUNlict China Zhao Yue zhyaic[at] Link Rcvd Qualified
TIGERS Mannheim Germany Andre Ryll management[at] Link Rcvd Qualified
ER-Force Germany Markus Hoffmann info[at] Link Rcvd Qualified
Stanford Robotics Club USA Ben Johnson circuitben[at] Link Rcvd Conditionally Qualified*
Inceptum Mexico Javier Thierry Aranda robocup.ccm[at] Not Qualified
Parsian Iran S.Mehdi Mohaimenian Pour small-size[at] Link Rcvd Qualified
RoboJackets USA Nikolaus Mitchell nikolausmitchell[at] Link Rcvd Qualified
BRocks Turkey Feyza Varol feyza.varol[at] Link Rcvd Qualified
Eagle Knights Mexico Marco Morales marco.morales[at] Link Rcvd Conditionally Qualified*
MCT Susanoo Logics Japan Toshiyuki Beppu beppu[at] Link Rcvd Qualified
Thunderbots Canada Andrea Palmer robocup[at] Link Rcvd Qualified
NEUIslanders N. Cyprus Ersin Aytac ersin[at] Link Rcvd Qualified
EMEnents Pakistan Arsalan Akhter robocupssl[at] Link Rcvd Conditionally Qualified*
RoboIME Brazil Paulo F. F. Rosa rpauloime[at] Link Rcvd Qualified
CMDragons USA Joydeep Biswas joydeepb[at] Link Rcvd Qualified
WarBots Canada Anson Ho ah3ho[at] Not Qualified
Team Awesome Netherlands Patrick Horst robocup.saxion[at] Not Qualified
IRSS Deluxe Chile Miguel Solis miguel.solis[at] Not Qualified
MRL Iran Aras Adhami-Mirhosseini a.adhami[at] Link Rcvd Qualified
ODENS Japan Masutani Yasuhiro masutani[at] Link Rcvd Qualified
KNToosi Iran Milad AbaeiRad KNToosi.Robotics[at] Not Qualified

* Conditionally Qualified teams are accepted for the competition given they follow up on the items requested by OC/TC (teams will be contacted)

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