Field A

Team ID Team country
A1 ZJUNlict China
A2 KIKS Japan
A3 RoboJackets USA
A4 Immortals Iran
A5 IRSS Deluxe Chile

Field B

Team ID Team country
B1 CMDragons USA
B2 STOX's Colombia
B3 Furgbot Brazil
B4 MCT Susanoo Logics Japan
B5 Warthog Robotics Brazil
B6 Parsian-AUT Iran

Field C

Team ID Team country
C1 MRL Iran
C2 Tigers Mannheim Germany
C3 RoboFEI Brazil
C4 NEUIslanders TRNC
C5 UAISoccer Brazil

Field D

Team ID Team country
D1 RoboDragons Japan
D2 RoboIME Brazil
D3 Thunderbots Canada
D4 ER-Force Germany
D5 ACES Pakistan

Competition Schedule (Tentative v1)


  • Start of SSL Games at 13:00
  • Link to the Schedule Here Schedule