List of ETDPs submitted by the 2013 Top teams

Team Country ETDP
ZJUNLict China Link
CMDragons USA Link
MRL Iran Link
RoboDragons Japan Link
KIKS Japan Link
STOX's Colombia Link

RoboCup 2014 Small Size League Teams

Team Country Contact TDP Video Status
RoboJackets USA Lindsey Langstaff Link Link Qualified
Immortals Iran Ali Salehi Link Link Qualified
RoboFEI Brazil Fernando Rodrigues Jr Link Link Qualified
RoboIME Brazil Paulo Rosa Link Link Qualified
Thunderbots Canada Andrew Wong Link Link Qualified
Stanford Robotics Club USA Payton Broaddus Link Link Not Qualified
ER-Force Germany Markus Hoffmann Link Link Qualified
Tigers Mannheim Germany Mark Geiger Link Link Qualified
ZJUNlict China Zhao Yue Link Link Qualified
NEUislanders TRNC Ersin Aytac Link Link Qualified
BRocks Turkey Ali Haseltalab Link Link Withdrawn
RoboDragons Japan Yuji Nunome Link Link Qualified
Cyrus Iran Javad Amiryan Link Link Withdrawn
KN2C Iran Milad AbaeiRad Link Link Withdrawn
MRL Iran Aras Adhami-Mirhosseini Link Link Qualified
KIKS Japan Toko Sugiura Link Link Qualified
STOx's Colombia Saith Rodriguez Link Link Qualified
FURGbot Brazil Sidnei Carlos Link Link Qualified
IRSS Deluxe Chile Miguel Solis Link Link Conditionally Qualified
Omid Iran Javad Rahmani Link Link Withdrawn
ROBOK Brazil Luiz Ricardo Antunes -
Arabots Saudi Arabia Ahmad Khayyat -
Maracatronics Brazil Beatriz Asfora -
Skuba Thailand Thanakorn Panyapiang Link Link Withdrawn
Warthog Robotics Brazil Rafael Lang Link Link Qualified
ODENS Japan Yasuhiro Masutani -
Parsian Iran Alireza Saeidi Link Link Qualified
MCT Susanoo Logics Japan Toshiyuki Beppu Link Link Qualified
UaiSoccer Brazil Rodrigo Caputo Link Link Qualified
EMEnents Pakistan Usman Shahid Link Link Withdrawn
Owaribito-CU Japan Asahi Nagao Link Link Withdrawn
UNSAbots Peru Rel Guzman A. Link -
RoboTurk Turkey Semih Iseri Link Link Not Qualified
UTBots Brazil Joao A. Fabro -
CMDragons USA Joydeep Biswas Link Link Qualified
RFC Cambridge USA Lisa Liu Link Link Withdrawn
Eagle Knights Mexico Marco Morales Link Link Withdrawn
Inceptum Mexico Alejandro Salas -
ACES Pakistan Ali Syed Link Link Conditionally Qualified

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