In previous years, the RoboCup Small Size League rules have allowed every team to set up their own global vision system as a primary sensor. This option bears several organizational limitations and thus impairs the league's progress. Additionally, most teams have converged on very similar solutions, and have produced only few significant research results to this global vision problem over the last years. Hence the responsible committees decided to migrate to a shared vision system (including also sharing the vision hardware) for all teams by 2010. This system - named SSL-Vision - is currently developed by volunteers from participating teams.

A paper describing SSL-Vision is available here (Bibtex file available here: here).

Standard Marker Colours

As of RoboCup 2015, teams are required to purchase their own coloured paper for robot markers instead of receiving it at the competition (for teams who are unable to purchase paper ahead of time, the OC can purchase paper for the team and bring it to the competition at the team’s expensive, if advised in advance). The standard marker papers are:


The entire codebase is released as open-source:

  • The project is hosted at GoogleCode. The project pages provide a brief documentation as well as anonymous Subversion checkout.
  • A compressed tarball (updated nightly) of the project can be downloaded here


The development process for SSL-Vision is specified here. Please read the document and try to contribute!